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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Torn Tendon Creates Opportunity In A Lifetime!

It's not the same story or comment you here over and over again from those who you know who have had surgery..that is, "I now am able to do what I never have time to do when I am working"! Most people who have had surgery are just going thru the motions of rest and relaxation to get back to there everyday routine, whether it's work, house hold duties, family obligations or regular activities. Now don't get me wrong, I am also anxious for all of that, but know that a torn achilles tendon takes time to heal, so I am layed up.! Unable to do most of the things that I normally do, but through it all I have been excited about being able to spend most of my days (while keeping my leg elevated!) doing what I love to do most..and that is video. Transferring yours, mine, the neighbors, and family video to DVD!

 In the last week, I have been able to transfer 8-10 hours of my daughters childhood years to Gold DVD. Gold DVD is the best and smartest way to transfer vdeo these days. It is labratory tested to last up to 200 years! Silver can begin to oxidize and lose data in as little as 3 months. So I try to stay with Gold for the most important video footage for example your wedding, your childs early years, really family stuff mainly..there may be other home videos that you would not need to put on Gold but would prefer silver or other inexpensive disks. When it comes to preserving your DVD's here are some general rules: The Seven Cardinal Dont's for preserving archival DVDs:

Don't bend.

Don't lay discs flat (stack vertically).

Don't write on the disc (or at least use a pen designed for that).

Don't expose to heat, cold, light, humidity, or dirty air.

Don't touch (except the edges).

Don't stick any labels on top -- adhesives can mess up layers.

Don't wipe in a circle.

Now, it may be hard to follow all of these perfectly, but do treat them with extra care, or else you may just loose those important memories and that would be tragic.

Now, back to my situation here lately with my surgery and all. I have been able to free up time now to concentrate on transferring my own videos to DVD. Wow! who would have ever thought that such a opportunity would come to be? I could just sit around and lay on the sofa, watch tv, eat, eat, and be merry? But I have decided to make the most of this surgery and get caught up on alot of stuff that I have put off now for years.

 Oh, now did I mention that I have a new machine (to me anyway!) that I bought off e-bay that is a machine designed in the 80's for S-VHS prosumer use for editing and making VHS/S-VHS copys. But my main reason for buying it is to transfer peoples VHS tapes to DVD in the most professional and "best Quality" way that I can. And boy, does it work great! Enhances the picture with what is called TBC. It helps correct the fuzzy lines, clears the picture up to a point that a difference can be seen when played on other consumer decks that most people watch them on. A friend of mine in the editing and video business wrote to me after he heard that I picked this model up wrote:

Congratulations, you made a great choice. Hope the deck is in good shape -
if not we have some great techs out here. That deck went for well over
$1,000 when it was the current model. That made me feel real good about it and now that I have done alot of transfers I am anxious to help out other people with preserving their own memories for years to come.
 I also have been transferring alot of reel to reels from the 50's, 60's, & 70's..those to can be done to the utmost of high quality when they fall in my hands! It usually takes 3-4 weeks to get the final film to DVD, depending on how much is sent to me, but wow, what a joy to bring back those days gone by and reminisce with family and friends while laughter and tears are heard and seen! Video is a powerful thing, in businesses, churches, schools, colleges, tv, internet, but it's the video you personally shot thats resting in a closet, attic, basement, garage? that really means the most to you!
 I ask people, "Whats it going to take for you to get them to me?" sometimes you need some prodding like an old mule to do the work of digging them out and then you will reap the benefits!
Another option I have while things are healing is to work on peoples slides..Slides also were something from the past that people put all their family's memories on. I have put them to cd and dvd and they are preserved instantly, free from mold, mildew, or deterioration in the future.
It's great to be laid up, because I can make due with getting things done in a timely fassion. But I look forward to getting back to work and the regular routine of being able to walk again! For now, I will work on your videos and even throw in a $5 off Achilles Tendon Special for those who contact me while I am still layed up! Once I start walking on my foot (in about 8-10 weeks) the deal is off! So get in touch with me via facebook at my below page.. You will be glad you did!
Doug Sjoerdsma
Home - 1-616-457-6479 or text/call cell - 1-616-916-4320
Facebook Page- Photos in Motion - Video Production Services.
or Doug & Sherri Sjoerdsma.

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